Vaccination drive! Ganda ko dito. Dito lang 😂

The Book List Challenge Thingy on Facebook

is probably the best thread I have ever seen on Facebook so far (after the 7 words you will say when readmitting for UP). Here are 10 books that have an impact in my life.

  1. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
  2. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis
  3. The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
  4. Eragon by Christopher Paolini
  5. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
  6. A Leo Tolstoy Compilation
  7. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King
  8. Everyday by David Levithan
  9. Looking for Alaska by John Green
  10. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

"That’s not how you eat it!"

He loves fruit soda.

Pacs: come closer. Closer. Closer.
Pacs: *burps*


The Big Bang Theory - From The Moment That I Met You

If I didn’t have you
Life would be blue
I’d be Dr. Who without the tardis
A candle without a wick
A Watson without a Crick
I’d be one of my outfits without a dick-ey
I’d be cheese without the mac
Jobs without the Wozniak
I’d be solving exponential equations that use bases not found on your calculator making it much harder to crack
I’d be an atom without a bomb
A dot without the com
And I’d probably still live with my mom

(And he’d probably still live with his mom)

Ever since I met you, you turned my world around
You supported all my dreams and all my hopes
You’re like uranium-235 and I’m uranium-238
Almost inseperable isotopes

I couldn’t have imagined
How good my life would get
From the moment that I met you,

If I didn’t have you
Life would be dreary
I’d be string theory without any string
I’d be binary code without a one
A cathode ray tube without an electron gun
I’d be Firefly, Buffy and Avengers without Joss Whedon
I’d speak a lot more Klingon
Heghlum’meH QaQ jajvam [It’s a good day to die]

And he’d definitely still live with his mom

Every since I met you, you turned my world around
You’re my best friend and my lover
We’re like changing electric and magnetic fields
You can’t have one without the other

I couldn’t have imagined
How good my life would get
From the moment that I met you

(Oh, we couldn’t have imagined
How good our lives would get
From the moment that we met you

I’m never getting over this T.T

Hooking up with a lot of dudes doesn’t make you look cool. Hooking up with one dude that you care about and know and have strong feelings for makes you cool. And even then, you should never let someone pressure you into doing something that you don’t want to do. Like John Mayer said, your body is a wonderland. But you know what? It’s your choice if you want Wonderland to be an exclusive club, like VIP, you gotta wait in line forever to get into the club. Or if you want Wonderland to be like a theme park where kids get in for free on Saturdays with a canned good. That’s your choice. And I, Jenna, promise to never judge you by the color of your booty shorts and how much titty tata you got hanging on your shirt piece, but only by the contents of your mouth, butt hole and vagina.
Jenna Marbles, Things I Don’t Understand About Girls Part 2: Slut Edition

I’d call you insensitive, and you are. But I deserve this. Haha.

Blockmates were joking around and were telling me “Yana papasok pa ba ako? Madali lang naman yung mga subjects na icucut ko eh, zoo tech lang naman yun eh, saka anat, saka physio haha!”

Aray ko bhe hahaha kayo na regular students.

It was 7:15 in the morning in the Physical Sciences Lecture Hall - A. What I thought was an idea I got rid of came back to me again: shifting. Since then it has been troubling me and no no no I’ve been over this why does it keep coming back

There are these people who I really didn’t or feel like talking to because I was so sure they would make my life slightly a wreck. I don’t know what pushed me to be able to communicate with them without having any resistance.

Now, everything is working better. Not in a well-oiled machine kind of way—the there’s-nothing-good-to-watch-so-you-resort-to-Spongebob kind, at least. I’m slightly being judged (or questioned, rather) by some of my friends but they’ll come around I hope. After all, why doubt a good thing? Is it a good thing though, Yana?

Mother of Birthday Gifts
Thank you so so much Mai naghahanap na ako frame hehe @iamaivillaluz

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