Yana was here

Mel’s Dinette’s 😍😍😍 (at Universal Studios Singapore)

Castle Far, Far Away


Me everytime i play the violin: something itches oh my god

If I wasn’t laughing too hard, I was crying. This is the video greeting that my highschool bestfriends made for my 18th birthday. They had me believe they had nothing planned (but to eat) and that I shouldn’t expect ‘cause I would really end up getting hurt.

I’m over the debut now, it’s been a month already. But I’m not over the fact that my friends took a whole week or two for this AVP and their live presentation. I’m a lucky gal. :)

I’m sorry for the lame gif quality and edit. I was too excited for the outcome hahaha plus what matters to me are their faces. :))



1.) /ya-nah/ • adj., adv.

(a) super conscious; (b) paranoid; (c) always afraid to say what’s on her mind; (d) a very good actress; (e) pessimistic; (f) a good liar if I do say so myself; (g) brings herself down quietly so no one can hear it.

2.) /ya-nah/ • noun aka the person

(a) super, duper…

I didn’t write that so somebody could sympathize with me (I’m just saying) I was feeling down hahaha you’re the fucking best. I love you so much. *cries and runs out to hug you virtually* lol ingat sa bagong bagyo. Thaaaanks Paaaaaat >:D


The Aftermath of typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) in UP Los Baños
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